Inspired by other flag creations from French-speaking communities across Canada, Y4Y (Youth 4 Youth) aims to create the first official flag that intends to unite the English-speaking community of Quebec.

“In the future, the flag can be used by all community organizations to identify gatherings, events, activities and projects that focus on the English-speaking community” as stated in the press release.

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“Promoting the Visibility and Vitality of Quebec’s English-speakers through the Creation of an Official Flag for the English-Speaking Community of Quebec” 

Compared to the rest of the province, the West Island clearly has an immense Anglophone population; so if you identify as part of this diverse English community, presented below is an opportunity for you to vote on its design.

Y4Y is a non-profit organization focussed on addressing the issues of English-speaking youth in Quebec. Y4Y’s Youth Artists and Symbolism Committee have received funding from Heritage Canada to create this flag that will ultimately serve to promote a sense of belonging amongst the Anglophones in the province. They importantly note, however, that their intention is not, in any way, trying to be divisive against the Francophone community, but rather to unite and represent the diversity within Quebec’s English-speaking communities. 

Here are the final designs and their descriptions from their website, all designed by students in Quebec: Albano Anis, Dana Isaac, Muriel Smith and Coco Wang.

The designs can be voted on here.