Helicopter Marshmallow Rain Thrills Youngsters in Oakland County Park Event


On a bright, lively Friday in Southfield, Michigan, the sky rained marshmallows. Indeed, one of the most unusual yet jovial sights graced the grounds of Catalpa Oaks County Park, as thousands of sugary, fluffy marshmallows descended from a helicopter, resulting in hoards of jubilant youngsters racing across the parkland to scoop up as many of the saccharine treats as their little hands could muster.

The Great Marshmallow Drop, a cherished annual event held by Oakland County Parks, sparked excitement and laughter, drawing in hundreds of eager participants. Their eyes lit up in anticipation and their cheers echoed through the air as the helicopter, heavy with trickling sweetness, passed overhead to the designated drop zone.

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Upon reaching its appointed maximum altitude, a passenger aboard the helicopter heaved sacks full of marshmallows out into the open air, where they tumbled down onto the eager faces and outstretched arms below. Swiftly, the children scampered around, making merry while gathering what they could.

However, park officials were quick to offer an important caveat. These treats, despite their tempting appearance and delectable aroma, were not for eating. Having made direct contact with the ground, they carried potential health risks. However, the children’s efforts didn’t go in vain; the marshmallows they collected were swiftly exchanged for a prize bag, brimming with candy, a coloring book, and a sought-after pass to a water park for a day of splashing around.

Melissa Nawrocki, the astute recreation program supervisor of Oakland County, disclosed prior to the event that an impressive 15,000 marshmallows would take the parachuted plunge from the sky.

Robin Kinnie, the proud and supportive mother of three enthusiastically participating children, appreciated the whimsical event wholeheartedly. “It was just a celebration. The weather is beautiful, so we were happy to get outdoors and interact and pick up some marshmallows,” she said, her smile reflecting the joy of not just her children, but also the entire community.

In an egalitarian decision enhancing the event’s inclusivity, the helicopter made four passes, each targeting different age groups, namely, children aged four and under, five to seven and eight to twelve. An additional marshmallow drop later in the day was designated exclusively for children with disabilities.

Kinnie, herself a mother to a special needs child, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the considerate initiative. “Being a special needs mom, I love seeing events like these that are catered toward him, so he doesn’t feel excluded,” she stated, further illustrating the event’s success in creating a sense of unity and joy across the community.