Heatwave Shuts Schools as Quebec and Ontario Brace for 40°C Humidity Surge


A sweltering heatwave interspersed with a crushing humidity has descended upon parts of Ontario and Quebec, right as students began their trudge back to class among widespread heat warnings.

The climate watchers had, in fact, started issuing heat advisories for Quebec on September 5, 2023. As Tuesday dawned, daytime temperatures were predicted to scale into the low 30s, however, the throttling humidity had the potential to make it seem like a staggering 40.

Heightened temperatures were observed in several areas on that Tuesday, the 5th of September, 2023. As a response to the searing heat, several schools in the Gatineau region declared a shutdown for the day. De Mortagne High School in Boucherville followed suit because of the unbearable heat, compounded by a prevailing boil-water advisory that was still operational.

In an attempt to offer respite from the glaring heat, the City of Montreal had made provisions for its residents. A number of public places were fitted with air conditioning units, and outdoors, people were provided with misting stations and play fountains to cool off.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity were not transient visitors. Arms wide open, Wednesday, too, welcomed the same intensity of heat.

The continuation of the heatwave into September 6, 2023, was indicative of sustained high temperatures. Alleviation was predicted only toward the end of the week, courtesy of expected thunderstorms that were slated to roll in on Thursday. These climatic disturbances were anticipated to gradually ebb temperatures and humidity, introducing a more tolerable climate by the weekend.

And so, the first week of September 2023 was forecasted to be a testament to nature’s unforgiving heat, only to be subdued by the approaching thunderstorms later.


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