Heatwave Alert: Sweltering Temperatures to Hit London with Labour Day Respite Expected


As summer proudly displays its last hurrah, the forthcoming long weekend promises to be stunning. Still, we must brace ourselves for sweltering temperatures lacing our early days of the next week with the suffocating embrace of high heat and humidity in their tempestuous upper 30s to lower 40s.

The meteorological mavens at Environment Canada reveal that Londoners can anticipate a respite tonight with clear skies and a slight chill at 8°C. Late night can possibly see the land cloaked under mysterious foggy patches.

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Friday will be the final salvo of the workweek, its morning carrying away the ephemeral fog to give way to the golden touch of sunny skies. The mercury will gently ascend to a comfortable 24°C under the gentle caress of the sun, though the feel of 27°C humidity will make its presence known.

Initiating the grand Labour Day weekend, Saturday is all set to showcase a sky variegated by the sun and the clouds with a risk of rainfall up to 30 percent. The proverbial thermometer will indicate a high of 27°C.

On Sunday, the gallantly standing Forest City will bask under uninterrupted sunshine to a high of 30°C.

However, a word of caution from Environment Canada that high-intensity heat and humidity will not spare us between September 3 and 7. The humidex values will potentially lash into the fearsome upper 30s and lower 40s.

Yet, every heatwave has its culmination. A predicted cold front is expected to call curtains on the heat, come Thursday morning.

For those who like specifics, the forecast for the forthcoming days in London stands thus:

Clear skies on Thursday night, swirling fog sometime past midnight, and temperatures plummeting to a low of 8°C.

Friday heralds the sun, with the fog’s retreat by morning. Capping at 24°C, taking up the humid feeling up to 27°C. A high UV index of 7.

Saturday, a medley of sun and clouds with a 30 percent chance of rain showers, and temperatures reaching a high of 27°C.

Sunday sees remorseless sunshine, with temperatures peaking to 30°C.

Monday follows Sunday’s lead with an insistent sun and high of 30°C.

Tuesday, yet another sunny day, tad bit warmer at 31°C.

Wednesday, revisiting the Saturday mood with a mixture of sun and cloud, and a 30 percent chance of showers. Another high of 30°C to end an eventful week.