Healthcare Worker Reports Person Who Tried To Give Bribe For Falsified Immunization Passport


An individual has been reported to authorities for attempting to bride a healthcare worker to issue a falsified immunization vaccine, officials said on Tuesday.

Carl Theriault, West-Central Montreal’s media relations specialist for CIUSSS, informed local media that they can confirm that there was an attempted bribery of one of their health workers.

This case comes weeks after Quebec’s government said it would set up the use of immunization passports province-wide, noting that there is a potential 4th wave occasioned by the Delta variant.

Last week, Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault stated they plan to extend some privileges only to persons who have fully immunized.

Between the 1st and 24th of July, the health ministry said those who are partially immunized or have not received a single jab make up 92 percent of the new cases.

As of last Tuesday, about 84 percent of those eligible to be immunized and aged at least 12 years in the province has been immunized with at least one jab, while 70 percent have had both.

With a number of restrictions easing up in the Quebec in the Canada, authorities note they are looking out for those attempting to fake their immunization records.

Authorities said they have encountered a number of such cases.


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