Health Officials Hope That Mobile Clinic Will Help Raise Parc-Ex’s Immunization Rate


Quebec might close some of its immunization centers, but Parc-Extension, which has some of the lowest immunization rates is having its vaccination campaign bolstered by a mobile clinic.

The clinic is based in Du Parc, close to public transit, and health officials hope that this kind of convenience will help get more people immunized.

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So far, things are looking up for the mobile campaign as 800 persons have been immunized so far, with others coming to the clinic as walk-ins.

Still, health officials in the area can’t figure out why may in the area have been reluctant to be immunized. Currently, only52 percent of all residents of Parc-Ex have received both jabs, compared to about 75 percent in the neighboring area of Mount Royal.

Nehal Islam, the co-founder of We Can Vax group, was part of the team that helped do outreach in Parc-Ex through flyers written in both Punjab and English.

The immunization center will remain operational through to January next year.