Health Minister Urges A Tougher Approach To Recruitment Of Doctors


The health minister for New Brunswick province says that they need to rethink how they employ doctors, noting that there’s a need to be a little more proactive.

Dorothy Shephard said that she believes they need to embrace a different approach to how they engage doctors. This came out while the health department held virtual consultations province-wide as part of N.B’s 5-year health care plan.

The doctor noted that she had become aware that the province was entirely disjoint in its doctors’ recruitment. She indicated that she had talked with several physicians who are yet to graduate this year that the province has not approached and had talks with.

She also said that the province needs to be aggressive and employ a market-friendly and welcoming approach in asking physicians to stay and work in the province. Many residents of the province need the services of physicians.

New Brunswick’s services that link doctors and patients said that it has about 44226 registered members.

This year’s budget allocated $11 million for the recruitment of doctors. Dr. Shephard also noted that each jurisdiction needs doctors and a number offering incentives to encourage doctors to put up their own practices in the province.

She pointed out that N.B offers new physicians money, up to $80000, based on where they would like to set up shop. While N.B is ready to provide this type of support, she said alternatives incentives also exist.


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