Health Care System Under Strain With Current Infection Case Figures: Dr. Roussin


The health care system in Manitoba is under strain due to increasing infection rates. The daily average is well over 400, and such a figure is placing the health care system under intense stress, Dr. Roussin announced Monday.

Roussin said they had registered 430 fresh infections and a fatality, involving a managed at least 60 years, last Monday.

Winnipeg registered the highest caseload, at 313, while 44 were recorded in the South health region.

The Northern health region has 37 new infections, and 18 in Prairie Mountain and Interlake-Eastern health region.

Health officials have declared an outbreak in Steinbach’s Bethesda Regional Health Center. The health facility has now been assigned a critical level on the pandemic response scale.

The over figure of infections has gone up by 7, totaling 264. Of these, 73 cases are under intensive care. About 9 of the cases under intensive care involve persons below 40 years.

Last weekend, health officials registered 534 infections, and four fatalities, surpassing figures reported in Alberta, and now has the highest infection rate.

The 7-day average currently stands at 33 per 100000 persons, Health Canada’s data shows.

Some hospitals have unloaded their burden by having patients moved to care facilities beginning the 20th of April. The patients had already qualified to be moved to care homes.

Hospitals are also canceling elective surgical procedures diverting health personnel to care for COVID patients.

Health practitioners are increasingly relying on virtual outpatient programs to help free up beds for incoming COVID-19 patients.

More space has also been created in some adult rooms in a number of hospitals by allowing children’s room at HSC to be used to house more patients.


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