Health Canada Recalls STAX Magnetic Blocks Amid Digestive Risk Concerns


A recent product recall notice has been circulated by Health Canada, targeting STAX’s popular magnetic building blocks due to a possible ingestion risk posed to children. The danger inherent in such products failing to fulfill the Toys Regulations’ stipulated magnetic force requirements is indeed severe.

Further clarity was brought forward on Wednesday, in which the health regulating body expanded on the specifics of the recall. It was stated that an excess of powerful magnets consumed within a compressed timeframe may exert an attractive force on each other within the confines of the human digestive tract. The result of this can potentially be gut twisting, obstruction, or even puncturing of the intestinal walls.

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Characteristically, each set contained within the recall encompasses 28 individual building blocks, along with a single magnetic tray. The playful products were produced in China and offered in a vibrant palette of six varied colors and designs.

From August 2018 to September 2023, a sum total of 702 sets had been successfully sold within Canada alone. Despite this considerable circulation, the company responsible for the production of the magnetic toys has not yet recorded any incidents or injuries associated with these products within Canada up to September 22.

The public has been urged by Health Canada to seize use of the product without delay. Following this announcement, consumers are advised to return their recalled toys to the original point of sale in Canada where recompenses can be accordingly managed. In such circumstances, safety is of utmost importance, and immediate action is recommended to mitigate any latent risk.