Health Canada Recalls All masks layered with Graphene


Health Canada has issued a directive recalling all disposable face masks layered with potentially harmful particles of graphene.

The body issued the recall order this past Friday, noting that wearers might inhale the material, causing damage to their lungs.

Masks with the material may have been issued at several centers. This comes after Quebec’s government issued a warning against people wearing these masks. The masks had been distributed in daycares and schools across the province.

Local media asked the N.B government if they face masks are currently in use by student, but no response has been issued so far.

Preliminary investigation from animal tests indicates that graphene is toxic to the lungs, Health Canada says. The potential risks that come with wearing face masks are not yet known. The health department has asked for more information from the manufacture to aid its investigation.

In the meantime, the government has asked distributors, retailers, and local sellers to cease selling recalled face masks.


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