Health Canada Issues Recall for Rainbow Road Board Books Over Choking Risk


In a move prompted by concerns over child safety, Health Canada has instituted a recall for an array of Rainbow Road Board books. The cause of this recall is a potential choking hazard linked to the books’ binding rings, which may inadvertently come loose.

The recall notice, publicized on a recent Thursday, cautioned buyers about the possibly loosening rings on the books, thereby presenting a choking risk to those potentially exposed to them.

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Make Believe Ideas, the organization responsible for the production of these books, has disclosed sales figures tallying to 12,878 units sold in the Canadian market, and a more substantial 163,500 units sold south of the border in the United States. These sales took place between the period of March 2022 and August 2023.

Up until September 13, no injuries or adverse events had been reported in Canada related to this recall. However, Make Believe Ideas became aware of two incidents in the United States, where the plastic ring became detached from the books, though these instances fortunately did not result in any injuries.

In light of these circumstances, Health Canada is strongly advising Canadians to cease utilizing the recalled product immediately. The agency also recommended reaching out to Make Believe Ideas in order to secure a refund, which would be provided in the form of a gift card. This proactive move is to ensure consumer safety and prevent potential harm from arising due to the identified product flaw.

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