Hate and Violence against Muslim in Canada is Still Rampant


On Sunday night, a Muslim family was attacked by a driver in London, Ontario. According to London Mayor Ed Holder, the attack was an act of murder directed towards Muslims.

Boufeldja Benabdakkah, the co-founder of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec also expressed his empathy and compassion for the targeted family. He reminded the minorities in Canada to be vigilant as hate is still present and disastrous.

Four years ago, a gunman stormed the Benabdallah mosque, shot dead six people, and left 19 seriously injured. The incident prompted the Canadian government to dedicated 29th January in honor of the victims of the deadly attack.

In an interview, Benabdallah expressed horrors he has seen out of tragedy and violence. He claimed to have seen families go through grief while wondering why it happened to them. He also requested those who harbor ill toward Muslims to make effort to know them better.

“To those people who still have bitterness toward minorities, do not go making any gestures. Come and meet the people. You are going to be listened to and find out that what you believe about us is wrong. These are people like you and us, quiet and who enjoy their lives.”


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