Harford County Man Strikes Lottery Luck Twice, Credits Photo-Visualization


In the heart of Harford County, Maryland, an unyielding believer in fate has won big at the lottery – not once, but twice – and swears that his consistent practice of photo-visualization has made it possible. Nestled in the northeast of Baltimore, about a 30-minute drive away, this community has become the setting of an incredibly uplifting story exemplifying the power of faith and perseverance.

From early on, this steadfast lottery player vowed he would one day hit the jackpot. Several years ago, his long-held dream came to life when he bagged a sizable $15,000 playing Pick 5. But Lady Luck still had larger fortunes in store for this seasoned player.

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Propelled by his previous triumph and a resolute faith in his capabilities, he pressed on, steady in his commitment to the game. Fueling his drive, he would repeatedly assert, “I am a winner,” so a belief ripened into an enduring reality.

Fast forward to the May 1 drawing, the man, armed with a resolute belief and a handful of family birth dates, scooped a hefty $50,000 prize, much to the delight of Maryland lottery officials. But the triumph was tinged with an amusing twist; he almost forgot to verify his potentially life-changing numbers. Luckily, during a phone call with his mother the day after the drawing, remembrance dawned, and his poor ticket was fished out of oblivion.

With anticipation echoing in his heart and ticket clutched tightly, he tiptoed into the retailer to validate his victory. True to the numbers, he was indeed the grand winner! Still in the throes of shock and disbelief, he recalled, “I stood there for a second frozen. I did not believe what I was hearing.”

In the exhilarating aftermath, thoughts of celebrating his family and securing a promising future splitted his mind. However, the newly minted winner isn’t ready to quit the game just yet. “A win is a win! I thought about giving up before, but I’m more motivated than ever to win again,” he proclaimed to officials, his spirit as buoyant as ever.

While the thrill of lottery games can bring joyous leaps for some, it’s crucial to remember the potential pitfalls of gambling addiction, which can have devastating consequences on individuals and their families. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of gambling addiction, assistance is readily available. Reach out to the national gambling hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or seek help from the National Council on Problem Gambling. With gamblers like our Harford County man inspiring with their heartwarming victories, it’s more important than ever that we play responsibly and not lose sight of life beyond the game.