Happy Day!


The current yearly calendar has a bunch of holidays in it.  For example, we have, Labour Day, Canada Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day. Some celebratory days are actually not holidays but are days to celebrate something special. For example, we have, Valentine’s Day, Secretaries Day, Ground Hog Day, Remembrance Day, etc.  We also have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and…I don’t particularly like these days.

Here’s a question.  Why in the world would a Mother, such as me, not like Mother’s Day?  Why wouldn’t I want to be celebrated for being a Mother?  The reason I don’t like this day is primarily that it’s gender-based.  It’s not neutral.  Gender really doesn’t have a place in holidays or celebratory days anymore.

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For years I have witnessed the sadness in some friends and family on Mother’s Day, as they do not have Mothers.  For years I have witnessed the sadness in some friends and family on Father’s Day, as they do not have Fathers.  This doesn’t have to be anymore!

Today, families are not strictly Father and Mother created.  There are many families which have two Mother’s and/or two Fathers.  Some families may have one Mother or one Father.  Some families don’t have Fathers or Mothers.  Families can no longer be defined as simply a Mother and Father with children.  Our society is too far expanded as all families are unique, not gender based. How’s about your professional family, or your gym family, or your summer camp family, or your choir family, or simply your friend’s family?

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day needs to expand with society and be more diverse!

The gift and card industry may not like my suggestion, but I think Mother’s and Father’s Day has had its time.

Here’s my suggestion for replacing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Let’s celebrate one great day and call it, “Happy Day”!

Whatever or whoever makes you happy happens on this day!  Let’s simply celebrate happiness.  You can throw in a little “appreciation” too if you want.

If your pet makes you happy, celebrate it.  If your parents, your children, your work, your friends, your co-workers make you happy, let’s celebrate them.  This day could also be a great time to reach out to those who are unhappy and let’s try to help them find some happiness.  It’s simple… Share the happiness you have with someone or something.

If it’s a place where you are most happy, go there. Did I hear the words, Dairy Queen?

Perhaps it’s a favourite sport which makes you happy, or a beer, some music, or exercise? Maybe it’s just being alone and quiet under a tree.  Whatever it is, this day should focus on celebrating what makes you happy.

Here’s some water cooler conversation about this day.  “What are you doing on Happy Day?  I’m taking my parents out for dinner as they make me happy. I’m spending the day with my dog.  I’m spending the day with my children. I’m washing my car.  I’m reading all day and staying in my pyjamas! I’m eating chocolate, ice cream, cakes, pies, and candy!”  Hey, that’s ME!

This day could be universal and would probably be better than a gender-based holiday which causes so many people to be sad and left out. I’m sure everyone can find something or someone which makes them happy.

There is so much sadness, pain and despair in the world.  Let’s create a day in which the focus is HAPPINESS.  Any kind of happiness. Let’s get those smiley face pins out again and happy emoji’s, too!   Especially on this day, help those who don’t have happiness and give them some.  Bring some happiness to those who need it most.  Ya know… A little happy can go a very, very long way!  SMILE!


Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let’s sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again