Hand dyed yarn causes a frenzy in Kirkland yarn boutique


By Rhonda Massad

Kirkland yarn boutique, Tricolette on St. Charles, saw a frenzy of knitters at their Artfil trunk show. For those of you not connected to the knitting world, Artfil is an eco-friendly handpainted yarn company based in Laval; a trunk show is a sales event for showing merchandise to staff or select customers.

The trunk show offered one of a kind yarns last Saturday.

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“We use an airbrush and compressed air to dye all our yarns,” explained Yana Petrov, co-owner of Artfil. “We are all tryTicolette, Rhonda Massad, Artfil, Chrystiane Bisson, Yana Petrov, Bulgaria, Hand dyed yarn ing to live a life that respects the environment, I saw how much contaminated water was being put back into the earth through traditional dying processes. We spoke to various universities to find out about an environmentally sound process.”

Artfil’s yarn is not dipped in the traditional bath filled with water and dye, but directly sprayed under high air pressure, using as less as 300 ml. (10 fl.oz) of low impact diluted dye per skein. The yarn is later steamed in order to set the colour. Each skein is painted individually and the shade is built on layers, the thread absorbs the pigment in full leaving excess contaminated water almost to none. This process uses 80% less water and 60% less energy to dye same amount of yarn than any other conventional dyeing method.

“Colors come from my personal inspiration,” Yana said of her creative process. “For example, the colors I used a few days ago were inspired by a recent trip to Prince Edward Island. It is like painting on a canvas. We only work with Marino wool from the United States and Australia. We dye it here in Quebec.”

Stan and Yana moved to Laval 10 years ago, from Bulgaria.

“When we came here we thought we would stay a year or two, ” Yana said. “We loved it so much we decided to stay, so we had to start from scratch. In Bulgaria, I am a lawyer.”

Tricolette owner, Chrystiane Bisson, believes her boutique sells more than just yarn.

“We do not sell yarn but passion,” Bisson said. ” We want to share this passion with our community.”

Both women echoed each other with their message to West Island Women on International Women’s Day.

“Never doubt ourselves. As women, we tend to doubt ourselves. That is what I learned when I came here,” Yana stated. “If I follow my thoughts and I believe in myself everything can be done.”


Visit Tricolette @
3652 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland, QC H9H 3C3
Phone: (514) 505-3369

Ticolette, Rhonda Massad, Artfil, Chrystiane Bisson, Yana Petrov, Bulgaria, Hand dyed yarn