Hand a mom a Facecloth


The movies make becoming a mom look glorious and beautiful. Well, my reality was quite different. I remember looking into the mirror in my pre-children days and thinking ‘oh yeah lady, you’re pretty cute.’ But today post two children, stay at home mom, working part-time, running Perfit Moms ‘pretty cute’ would not be the first thought crossing my mind. Actually, to be completely honest good days were when I could avoid mirrors altogether. As I met and mingled with new moms I was shocked to learn that they too hated mirrors. Their entire face had changed and trying to remember what they looked like when rested and clean was fading faster than they were comfortable with.

So now almost four years into this mothering journey I decided something had to change. I was headed into Salon CaraMia for an event created for Perfit Moms. I was honestly dreading this night. I showed up with hair unwashed for more days than I care to admit, Lululemon pants worn so thin that I was afraid to bend over for fear of them finally giving up and more mirrors than I care to mention.

Four different stations were set up by the team. One talking about how to do a five-minute updo, a five-minute long hairstyle, a makeup tutorial and basic skin care with products designed with your skin in mind. I was surrounded by like-minded moms who were ravaging the information being given to them. I left there empowered.

All it took was for me to grab a facecloth. Once my face was clean I decided why not wash those armpits? Once those were clean I realized it was the perfect time to put on some deodorant. Once my pits smelled pretty I thought why not spritz some perfume to really throw my husband for a tailspin. Once I smelled pretty I thought well my face is dry why not put on some fancy face cream followed by a drop of mascara? At that point may as well dig out that bronzer to really make me pop and then while I am at it try on the shirt for that special occasion. Not because it is fancy but simply because it is clean. So really today I like to think of my morning routine as a work in progress. Take that first step. Be empowered. Wash that face.


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