Hamilton Rekindles Mercedes Contract, Vows ‘Unfinished Business’ in F1 Race


The dust hasn’t settled on the racetracks, and seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton is not about to let it. In a move highlighting his determination and unwavering commitment, Hamilton signals to his competitors that there are still matches to be won, terming it as “unfinished business,” following his contract renewal with Mercedes.

Working in unity and camaraderie, Hamilton, along with teammate George Russel, solidified their presence in the team by signing on through to the culmination of the 2025 season. Hamilton’s rejoicing was palpable as he playfully taunted, “You’re all stuck with me for a little longer,” during an announcement at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

In a spirit of gratitude and anticipation, Hamilton championed the collective journey he’s shared with Mercedes, a relationship that dates back to when he was just 13 years old. In his words, the road thus far has been a long trip with still much more to traverse. His optimism echoes the promising challenge that lies ahead; thrusting the team back to the frontline.

Hamilton’s prior contract was destined to lapse at the end of the current season. With a substantial new deal reportedly valued at 50 million pounds (or US$63.4 million), Hamilton is set to drive well beyond his 40th birthday.

In reflecting on his journey, the 38-year-old expressed awe at his continuing passion for racing, a love that has not diminished with age. His passion for driving, the exhilaration of competing with his peers, and chasing relentlessly after that dream, all cultivate a feeling like no other. According to Hamilton, life bestowed him with a journey of love for the tracks and he intends to embrace it.

Disbarring any potential whispers concerning his fretted departure from Mercedes at the close of the season, Thursday’s news delivers the conclusive verdict. Despite the trials of previous seasons, Hamilton is steadfast in his allegiance to Mercedes, affirming he never doubted his future with the team.

Having worn the Silver Arrows jersey since 2013, and securing six out of seven world titles with the team, Hamilton’s past two years haven’t lived up to his triumphant past. After a controversial defeat by Max Verstappen in the last lap of the 2021 season, catching up has been the game plan for him and Mercedes.

Verstappen enters the coming weekend with his eye on an unprecedented 10th consecutive win. Hamilton, in contrast, hasn’t graced the triumphant top spot of the podium in two years, in spite of boasting a record of 103 race victories.

However, Hamilton is not one to dwell on the past. Revenge or redemption doesn’t motivate him. Instead, he chooses to channel his energy into improving the future, trusting in his team’s capabilities to clutch more victories and more championships.

Currently fourth in the standings, Hamilton trails Verstappen by a looming 183 points. Having been unseated by Verstappen, Hamilton, former No. 1, seems undeterred. Their rivalrous relationship has managed to persist, with Verstappen even expressing contentment at Hamilton staying in the game, citing it as beneficial for the sport. However, regarding forthcoming battles, he maintains a realistic stance, urging everyone to simply “wait and see.”


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