Halifax Dine-and-Dasher Turns Violent: Charged with Assault, Robbery and Fraud


In an unsettling occurrence in Halifax, a man has been charged with several offenses following an alleged attack on a restaurant worker. The incident took place on Monday, concocted in a scoped context where the man refused to settle his dining bill.

The Halifax Regional Police were dispatched to the scene located on Hollis Street’s 1800 block, arriving around 12:55 p.m. The sworn officers discovered an unsettling spectacle, the aftermath of a harrowing incident where an employee had been cut by a defiant customer who had adamantly refused to pay for his meal.

Upon arrival, the police were faced with the fact that the customer had since absconded from the scene of his alleged crime. However, luck was on the side of justice, as the man was apprehended shortly after on foot.

The alleged perpetrator was identified as one Blake Martin Swan, aged 28. The charges that Swan must answer to on the following Tuesday in court significant and numerous in their weight. First, the most pressing charges of robbery and assault causing bodily harm, followed by the possession of a weapon dangerous to the peace of the public.

Further, Swan found himself charged with fraudulently obtaining food and the possession of property obtained illegally that cashes under $5,000 in value. Lastly, he also stands to answer for failing to comply with the conditions of his release order on three separate counts.

Through the swift actions of the Halifax Regional Police, the man in question now finds himself caught in a web of legal distress and pending accountability.


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