Halifax Council Okays Funding For Police Body Cam Report


Despite a lot of opposition from most members of the public, Halifax’s regional council voted 14 against 3 last Wednesday to fund a $85000 study that is looking into ways to use body cams in next year’s budget cycle.

At least a dozen members showed up for the presentation.

According to Sadie Beaton, police cameras haven’t done much to change the behavior of members of the police force.

Dan Kinsella, chief of Halifax’s Regional Police, said that body cams would ensure the police are accountable to the community and force.

Councilor Shawn Cleary approved the motion during the voting process, noting that he would like to see what they are getting themselves into if the police force in Halifax chooses to go down that route.

This study is one of 11 that the council okayed. The rest will be discussed this Thursday.

Officials at the finance department said that the extra cost will be covered through an increase in taxes charged on deed transfer, but there will be enough funds to lower the current tax rate.

The final say on the approval of the budget will be communicated on the 4th of May.

According to Laura Conrad, asking for money while the decision to fund the project in is progress does not really respect the process. A lot of people have also suggested that the money could be re-directed to projects like affordable housing or the victim service.


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