Halifax Casino Shut Down as the Region becomes a Hotbed of Infections


Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, announced on Friday that it would be shutting down its Halifax casino in Nova Scotia. The decision was made after N.S. ordered that certain businesses in the area close as a COVID-19 restriction measure.

The closure of the Halifax casinos happens on Thursday. The closure comes at a time the province is recording a level of COVID-19 infections not seen since last year.

Currently, the province has reported 52 new cases and 201 actives cases. Most of the active cases were reported in the province’s central region where Halifax is located.

Residents in the region are being asked to travel only for necessary reasons. Reasons for travel may include going to school, work, health care appointments, and legal appointments, and others.

The closure of Halifax casino will stay until 20th May. So far, only two of the Great Canadian properties are open. Casino New Brunswick and Casino Nova Scotia are located in a different region and will not be subject to Thursday’s order.

Halifax casino is not the only property that has been affected by the COVID-19 closure order. Woodbine Entertainment, the province’s largest thoroughbred, and harness racing were also placed on hold. Trainers and horsepeople can only work with horses but cannot race in the facilities.


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