Haitian Group In Montreal Urges Ottawa To Hasten Immigration Process For Quake Victims


The Haitian community in Montreal is urging Ottawa to hasten the immigration process for Haitians who are awaiting a move to Canada following a recent earthquake that has devastated a section of the country.

Mason d’Haiti’s head of Community organization said Ottawa needs to act fast and approve applications submitted by persons who have already begun their immigration journey.

Marjorie Villefranche stated during an interview that federal authorities should allow family re-unification following the earthquake that hit the southwestern section of Haiti killing at least 1297 persons.

Villefranche added that the crisis response leadership that formed following the earthquake has been sending letters to Quebec and Ottawa, urging the government to smoothen immigration to Canada, and also grant permanent residency to the affected persons who have already arrived in Canada, but living under a precarious status.


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