Habs Looking Forward To Welcoming At Least 10K Fans At The Bell Center For Game 3


Montreal’s Canadiens are hopeful that Quebec’s public health will approve their request to host at least 10000 fans at the Bell Center for their Game 3 of the Stanley Cup series where they will be facing Tampa Bay Lighting this Friday.

The team’s CCO and executive VP, France Margaret Belanger, posted the news via video footage last Tuesday.

Belanger state they made the request to public health the previous Friday and a response is imminent any day now so that they can start ticket sales.

If their request is granted, Belanger noted that they are ready to ask fans for proof of immunization in the event public health makes it a requirement. Up until now, fans who were allowed to watch the team play were not expected to show proof of immunization.

Belanger noted that the Bell center has enough space for 10500 Habs fans, which is 50 percent of its total capacity. The CCO added that fans will be separated into zones each having its own entrance. Masks will be a must in each zone.

Belanger emphasized that they have not trace any infection cases inside the arena.

Until then, Belanger stated that they host 3500 fans at the arena during Game 2 that will be display on a giant screen.


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