Habs have an Attractive Tune to carry them to the Finals


Habs are going all the way to the finals. A new attractive tune has been released that will carry them to the finals.

Annakin Slayd, a hip-hop musician and writer, has released what could become the Habs 2021 anthem. Watching the Rock the Sweater music video is thrilling and will make a Canadiens diehard fan shed tears.

In the video, Habs fans across Canada are filmed kissing their jersey. The song evokes a sense of pride when anyone feels an urge to pull the Canadiens jersey.

This is not the first time Slayd produce a playoff anthem. In 2010 he released the ‘Feel like 93’ song. And that was the last time the Canadiens won the Stanly Cup playoff. People on social media praised the song, some even suggesting that it should be at Bell Centre.


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