Habit-based Healthy Eating for Life

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By Nevine  El-Chibini

Did you know?

When it comes to eating, healthy habits that are introduced one at a time tend to be cemented more as a way of life than cold turkey radical changes or starvation diets. This will be the topic of my next education/cooking class in the West Island on Jan. 16th, 2019 at 6:30 pm – how to eat healthy all week long with tips and strategies for success.

Strategies such as a focus on reducing or eliminating fast foods, packing a lunch or eating more greens result in small wins. All these small wins can accumulate and result in big wins at the end of each year.  In addition, we are constantly celebrating our achievements resulting in consistent motivation.

A sustainable strategy to eating healthier is possible by creating a series of good habits, that over time, will be cemented for life.

Correlating food with health can drive us to make better food choices and plan for success.

Many people need organizational skills along with basic cooking techniques in order to enjoy good health and great food.

With the cost of vegetables and fruits going up, it is also important to consider how we can keep well nourished with an economy in mind.

Health tip:   Being mindful of what, when and how much we eat with simple techniques can often save our health!

To make health happen today,  join my next workshop on Jan 16th, 2019  at 6:30 pm in the West Island by emailing: nevine.e@videotron.ca


Nevine  El-Chibini is an optimal food coach (naturopath), a volunteer for a decade, a mother and grandmother who lives in Pierrefonds with her husband and cat. She loves to read, learn, write poetry and cook using her husband’s gardening hobby. She uses fun and creative real-life education, content-rich engaging talks and demonstrations to inspire people to join a nutritional wellness revolution. In addition to coaching people one-on-one and in groups, you will find Nevine in multiple venues in the community. Nevine also focuses on other facets of a  healthy mind, body and spirit and so she takes long walks in the forest, jogs and practices yoga. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/nevinescuisine.


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