Gunfire Rocks Morgan State University, Five Wounded Ahead of Homecoming Festivities


The tranquility at Morgan State University was shattered on Tuesday evening when gunfire erupted, leaving five individuals injured. Igniting a frantic search for the perpetrator, the incident unfolded on the northeast Baltimore university campus just as it prepared for its Homecoming festivities.

At approximately 9:25 p.m., university police became alert to the harrowing sound of gunshots. Responding to this distressing call to action, they stumbled upon a devastating scene: five individuals aged from 18 to 22 nursing gunshot wounds. Amidst the chaos, officers noticed shattered glasses strewn across the area—silent witnesses to this catastrophic event. Narrating the incident during a press conference was Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley.

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The injured, comprising of both men and women, were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, their injuries were assessed to be non-life-threatening. Among the wounded were four students studying at Morgan University, according to Lance Hatcher, Chief of Morgan State University Police.

In an effort to locate the still-at-large assailant, a SWAT team along with officers from numerous agencies was recruited. Amidst the turmoil, the campus was sent into a lockdown as students and staff were urged to retreat and stay indoors.

Despite the rigorous search, the shooter remained elusive, with scant details available concerning their identity. At this juncture, their connection with the university is yet to be established. While the hunt continues, the incident is no longer being treated as an active shooter scenario, lifting the previous shelter-in-place mandate.

In the event’s aftermath, scene images revealed a student dormitory building cordoned off with police tape while blinking lights from emergency vehicles surround it. A conspicuous shattered window pane on one of the building’s upper floors stood testament to the night’s unsettling activities.

Baltimore’s Mayor Brandon Scott was present at the university in the early hours of Wednesday morning, offering a stable presence amidst the ongoing investigation. ATF Baltimore has also confirmed its participation in the investigative procedures.

As the investigation unraveled, anxious parents and family members of the campus students were advised to maintain distance from the area. A statement issued by the university urged all to steer clear of the vicinity surrounding Thurgood Marshall Hall and the Murphy Fine Arts Center.

The timing of the event is all the more tragic, occurring at the onset of the Homecoming week, a time of joyous celebration and a rekindling of bonds between alumni and the university. Strikingly, a candlelight memorial service was also slated this week to honor members of the university who had passed away in the preceding year.

In the aftermath of the horrifying event, the University’s President, David Wilson, has announced the cancellation of Wednesday’s classes. Furthermore, counsel and support will be extended to students, aiding them in processing the dreadful ordeal.