Grocery Run Ends with $409,585 Jackpot Win for Suzanne Alemany in Monthly 50/50 Draw


In the soft glow of an early summer morning, Suzanne Alemany departed her home in Elliot Lake for a routine grocery run, unaware that her world was about to be flipped upside-down. While she was out scanning produce and coupons, her husband, Brian, received an unexpected phone call. That early morning call, made by the Health Sciences North (HSN) Foundation, revealed Suzanne as the fortunate winner of the June monthly 50/50 draw.

As Suzanne roamed unknowingly through the grocery store aisles, June’s HSN 50/50 draw was concluding. The pot had swollen to an impressive $409,585 – enough to change a life. The lucky ticket holder was none other than Suzanne Alemany, marking her as the fortunate recipient of the generous sum.

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Revealing a dash of humor as he humanized the moment, Brian asked if the foundation could postpone the big announcement until Suzanne returned from the grocery store. The HSN Foundation, eager to share the exciting news, complied with his request. Noting his wife’s good fortune, Brian humorously observed, “Suzanne is definitely the lucky one, that’s why her name is on the ticket and not mine.”

Returning home from the grocery run with no inklings of the transformation awaiting her, Suzanne picked up the phone. She listened, dazed and delighted, as news of her hefty jackpot win was unveiled.

“I was out at the grocery store when Brian said I needed to come home because there was an important call waiting for me,” Suzanne explained. “The surprise news that we won the June grand prize was exhilarating. While we have no specific plans for the unexpected windfall, the wave of excitement and the potent feeling of good fortune was simply overwhelming.”

Each month, the HSN 50/50 lottery supports the provision of essential priority equipment purchases, funds leading-edge medical research, and caters to the future health-care needs of the Northeastern Ontarians by dedicating half of the ticket sales revenue towards these causes. Simultaneously, the other half of the draw revenue becomes the thrilling jackpot of the monthly draw – a bounty for one fortunate ticket holder.

The call of the 50/50 draw isn’t secluded to Elliot Lake or even Northern Ontario. Indeed, it extends its enticing allure to every corner of Ontario, beckoning to residents aged 18 and over, offering them a chance at fortune for merely the price of a ticket.

Tickets for the July draw are currently selling like hotcakes, with the curtain falling on sales at the stroke of midnight, leading into August 1. The breathless moment of drawing the winning ticket will occur at 10 a.m., on Aug. 1, with the lucky winner’s number being promptly posted on