Grizzly Bear Attack Closes Section of Custer Gallatin Forest in Montana


A section of Custer Gallatin National Forest, neighboring Big Sky, Montana, has been temporarily sealed off following a grizzly bear attack on a local hunter. The duration of the closure has yet to be established by the US Forest Service, who publicized the emergency response in a recent press release. It should be noted that this extensive forestland adjoins the northeastern corner of the Yellowstone National Park.

A distress call came through to officials on Friday at 1:47 pm. The caller, a member of a hunting party, reported an attack by a grizzly bear on one of their group, who had been tracking a deer. This distressing news was disseminated via a Facebook post by the Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue organization. The US Forest Service subsequently disclosed that the bear had most likely been injured by the victim, who was reported to have shot at the animal.

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The call detailed urgent scrutiny and medical assistance for the victim, who was located in proximity to the Yellow Mule Trail outside Big Sky. Law enforcement and the search and rescue team swiftly attended to the incident, transporting the victim by helicopter to a medical facility in Bozeman. The Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue have, however, not provided further updates on the victim’s condition.

Currently, outdoor enthusiasts would be unable to access the Yellow Mule Trails as well as Buck Ridge Trail. Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer has taken this unfortunate incident to spotlight the critical significance of diligent planning and the ability to summon help while venturing into the backcountry.

Grizzly bears enjoy a celebrated status in Montana, having been heralded as the state animal by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Montana harbors the most significant population of grizzly bears within the continental United States, and these majestic, often fearsome creatures, habitually traverse the entire state. These bears have been enlisted as a threatened species across the majority of the United States, the department pointed out.

The adult grizzly can boast an impressive weight of 500 pounds and stand up to an intimidating 8 feet when rearing on their hind legs. Given their omnipresence, people throughout Montana should always anticipate potential encounters with these bears. Carrying bear spray, refraining from approaching or fleeing from a bear is the advised protocol under such circumstances.

Big Sky is a beautiful enclave tucked within the Rocky Mountains, situated 45 miles to Bozeman’s south in Montana.