Gripping Breakfast Turned Breathless: Mom Warns of Silicone Baby Bowl Perils


In a shocking turn of events, American mother, Laci Wornick, recounts an upsetting incident involving a silicone baby bowl that took a distressing turn during an otherwise normal breakfast with her daughter, Elliott. Articulating her experience on social media, Laci released a series of snapshots depicting her daughter’s close encounter – an initiative she undertook with the intent of alerting other parents to the potential hazards of such everyday items.

Laci narrated the chilling incident, wherein, following an innocent act of play, the silicone baby bowl promptly fastened itself to Elliott’s face. What began as a jovial mealtime quickly spiralled into a moment of pure terror as the bowl clung, almost air-tight, onto the little girl’s visage, denying her oxygen for those harrowing few seconds.

Determined, Laci hurried to pry the bowl off her daughter’s face; a task made doubly challenging due to the wet and slippery egg residue within the bowl. The fraught mother recalled how each terrified cry from her daughter only served to increase the suction, further amplifying the horrifying nature of the situation. Upon eventually managing to free Elliott, Laci admitted feeling considerable guilt for her oversight, promising to abandon the use of such bowls in the future.

Years have gone by since Laci was the mother of a toddler, a period where silicone suction bowls were non-existent. This experience served as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with new, seemingly safe, childcare items which Laci candidly discussed in the post, implying that perhaps she should have been more cautious about such unforeseeable hazards.

On being queried about the functionality of the bowls, Laci clarified that these were designed to stick to highchair trays. Interestingly, she admitted that the bowls didn’t always secure well, a fact demonstrated repeatedly as her daughter managed to lift the bowl effortlessly each time.

Wornick’s alarming experience with the baby bowl, along with her earnest appeal for other parents to stay vigilant, triggered a massive response on social media where reassurances, shared experiences and gratitude for the warning flowed freely. Notably, a similar style of silicone baby bowl is retailed by Kmart New Zealand and The Warehouse, presumably intended to make feeding times less chaotic for parents.

Evidently, concerns regarding child safety can appear from the most unanticipated sources. Parents or caregivers, new or experienced, ought to remain especially mindful in such instances, proving that constant vigilance is indeed key while raising children.


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