Grenfell Breaks Ground on New 33-Bed Senior Care Home


In the town of Grenfell, years of concern about long-term care have given way to new hope, as work has now officially commenced on the construction of a new home for senior citizens. The designated site at the northeast corner of Grenfell, near Assiniboia Avenue and Highway 47, will host the new 33-bed facility.

The province’s latest budget set aside $10 million for this new enterprise, which promises not just comfortable rest spaces, but also a range of equally important facilities. These include two spa tub rooms, a full-scale commercial kitchen, general living and dining accommodations, administrative sections, as well as ample provisions for parking.

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Long-time residents of Grenfell, including those who have spent their entire lives in this humble town, can now look forward to enjoying their retirement years surrounded by the familiarity of home–a prospect that Grenfell Mayor Rod Wolfe found deeply satisfying. In his words during the groundbreaking event, the new facility will give residents the chance to enjoy their sunset years surrounded by their families without the need to travel long distances.

The initiation of construction activity brings much-needed closure to the southern Saskatchewan community, which has seen a series of unfortunate events since 2016, culminating in the closure of the Grenfell Pioneer Nursing Home. This closure followed the discovery of dangerous mould throughout the facility, after which all remaining residents had to be sent to surrounding communities. It was a grave blow for the home’s full and part-time staff who received layoff notices soon after.

However, the local community rallied, traveling to Regina to advocate for the need for a long-term care facility in Grenfell. By early 2019, the province put out a request for proposals for a new facility–a process that culminated in today’s groundbreaking event.

Dr. Johann Roodt of Integrated Rural Health expressed his satisfaction at the realization of this long-cherished dream. He emphasized the importance of local care facilities, which have gained paramount importance in recent years.

Rural and Remote Health Minister Tim McLeod echoed these sentiments at the groundbreaking ceremony, affirming the provincial government’s commitment to delivering superior healthcare in rural and remote communities.

Scott Builders Inc., the firm overseeing construction, is anticipated to continue working until the onset of winter, after which work will resume in spring 2024. If all goes according to plan, elderly residents of Grenfell, a community of roughly 1,000 inhabitants located about 126 km east of Regina, will have a new home by 2025.