Green squad being introduced in Pointe-Claire to help with waste management


Pointe-Claire has announced the rollout of the Waste Management Squad, which will be crisscrossing the streets of Pointe-Claire by bicycle this summer to promote healthy environmental practices.

“Thanks to the City’s proactive policies and our residents’ focus on sustainable development, Pointe-Claire ranked second on Montreal Island in efficiency for residual materials management in 2015. We are extremely proud of this commitment by our residents, and are hoping to maintain and improve it,” stated Mayor Trudeau.

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The Waste Management Squad will, among other things, ensure that residents are correctly informed about the types of materials accepted for our various collections. They will provide information on sorting, household composting and using the Kitchen Cone for organic materials, as well as numerous tips to help improve your knowledge of eco-friendly living.

“An information session on residual materials management will be held at City Hall on Thursday, June 15, at 7 p.m. Residents are invited to take part in this session, where they will learn more about this vitally important process for environmentally responsible management,” concluded the Mayor.