Green Gables Heritage Place Will Open In P.E.I. On June 1


Green Gables Heritage Place, a site that commemorates the famous Anne of Green Gables books and their author, L.M. Montgomery, will open to the public on June 1. Barbara MacDonald, manager of national historic sites and visitor experience with Parks Canada on P.E.I, stated that all islanders will soon have the chance to see this historic site.

Barbara MacDonald stated:

“Green Gables house, in particular, was a challenge because it’s a very small building, a small farmhouse. People will be able to go through the downstairs as well as the upstairs. We have a kind of a route so that they don’t cross paths … and that way they get to see everything.”

The Green Gables house is not very big, therefore only 10 visitors will be able to get inside at the same time.

“We’re hoping that people will come and explore the grounds, come and have a picnic, enjoy the gardens, explore the trails. The site is a beautiful place just to spend time outside, you know, even without going through the exhibits and in the house itself,” said MacDonald.

People will be able to see everything that the site has to offer, except for some interactive parts of the exhibits inside the visitors’ center. During the summer, there will be some additional experiences offered to the visitors.

MacDonald added:

“We’re also working on some other special programs during that time, tours of Green Gables house, that will be more kind of like a more in-depth experience of the artifacts and what’s in the house.”


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