Greater Sudbury Council to Tackle Chronic Complainers with New Policy Initiative


In the bustling city of Greater Sudbury, key officials are actively seeking ways to mitigate the effect of chronic complainers whose recurrent grievances are monopolizing a significant chunk of valuable city staff time.

On the agenda for the October 10 council meeting is a comprehensive outline of a proposed vexatious complaints policy. The objective is clear – safeguard customer service standards from being eroded by individuals with relentless chirping of complaints.

Such a perpetuation of baseless complaints strikes at the very core of the organization’s resources, jeopardizing the city’s commitment to exceptional customer service, as highlighted in the report. Hence, the need for decisive steps – adopting a steadfast policy to address incendiary, frivolous or unreasonable complaints.

The policy’s mission is simple yet comprehensive. Shortening the time spent quelling unproductive requests aids in the enhancement of customer service, especially if it’s futile to achieve customer satisfaction due to unrealistic demands.

The report reveals heartening feedback from other municipalities that have integrated a similar policy, including a noticeable uplift in staff morale – an indirect but potent factor improving customer service.

Should the council give this policy the green light, it will be utilized solely as a final measure when all other efforts to pacify the resident have proven fruitless. A few examples of vexatious complaints include refusal to acknowledge an issue’s fall outside city jurisdiction, the absence of cooperation with the investigation process, baseless or manipulated complaints against city staff, covert recording of meetings and discussions, and persistent aggressive behaviors or lengthy interactions that impair effective service provision. The policy will also address activities that aim to tarnish, demean or accuse the city and its dedicated staff.

Such a measured approach will ensure the city’s proficiency and ability to deal with issues of importance isn’t diluted, establishing a robust framework for tackling unreasonable complaints. This should enable Greater Sudbury to focus its attention on matters of real significance, aiding progress and improving the lives of its citizens.


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