The West Island united in solidarity for the 1st edition of the « Grande semaine des tout-petits »


The 0-12 Committee of the West Island Community Council for Children, Family and Youth, along with 123 Go Pierrefonds/Roxboro /DDO et Growing Together,  are very proud to join the first edition of the Grande semaine des  tout-petits. This major event is taking place from November 20 to 26, 2016, during which fun activities, special events, and interesting facts will be available across Quebec to mobilize partners and put the spotlight on young children and those who work for their well-being.

On this occasion, we invite you to attend a press conference to highlight the mobilization of partners around early childhood. Special guest, CIUSSSODIM Associate President-Director General, Ms. Lynn McVey, will speak about the importance of investing in early childhood. There will be testimonials from mothers who have received services from community organizations. This event will also serve as the opportunity to launch the new signatures for the 123 G0 Pierrefonds/Roxboro/DDO and Growing Together groups.

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So that all kids have an equal chance to develop their full potential

“Young children do not have a platform to make their voices heard. The whole intention of the Grande semaine des tout-petits is to lend them our voices as parents, family, friends, neighbours, citizens, professionals and decision-maker” says Philippe Forté, Coordinator of Growing Together.

In the West Island, the situation of little children is generally good. The majority of children aged 0 to 5 year olds are well and live in an environment conducive to their development.

However, the territory of the Pierrefonds CLSC has twice been first in Montreal for the largest number of children at risk in at least one of the five development areas. This can lead to future difficulties in school achievement and cause lifelong issues for each of these children.

The first years of life are of great importance for a child. It is in this critical period that the child develops and acquires the individual aptitudes necessary for his or her full development. So it is crucial to act early for our young children and their families, to offer different means of intervention and to promote the continuity and complementarity of services.

The West Island mobilized!

For over a year, some forty actors from the community, daycare, health, municipal and education sectors have been working together and actively involved in the preparation of two three-year action plans aimed at improving the well-being of young children and their families across the West Island. Avenir d’enfant has recognized the relevance of this work by granting 1.8 million dollars over three years for the implementation of two regional action plans.

In recent years, thanks to the commitment of various partners working together, it has been possible to develop new community services for our young children and their families. Although in the past, few neighborhood services in this sector were offered, now families have more choices right across the West Island. Even if these services may be limited, they represent a major step in the right direction.

Investing in early childhood is investing in the future!

Numerous studies have shown that the cost-benefit ratio of early childhood investment is more than profitable. Every dollar invested saves $ 17 in the future. It is in this context that we must educate the public as well as municipal and provincial communities to actively support the maintenance and the development of family services in the West Island. This will not happen without the concrete commitment of all decision-makers, to recognize and prioritize early childhood for the West Island.

We are proud of the diversity of services that have been put in place to support our families and believe that this achievement has been made possible, through a strong and united vision, many partners working closely with our families. We believe in early childhood!

Activities throughout the West Island

Many activities and events focused on the well-being and development of young children will be organized.

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About the Grande semaine des tout-petits

For more than 60 years, November 20 marks Universal Children’s Day. Quebec partners wanted not only to highlight this day, but also to make it an entire week during which early childhood will be brought to the forefront. From November 20 to 26, the Grande semaine des tout-petits will be an opportunity to communicate and stimulate dialogue around the development of young children, highlight local and regional initiatives that support early childhood, and to mobilize our society. Several activities and events will take place throughout Quebec during the week.