Gotta Get a Green Thumb


Everyone has a special talent within them.  It might take years to uncover it, but it’s definitely there.  The key is to unlock your talent and utilize it to its maximum potential.

When I was younger, I didn’t know I would be a writer.  I knew that I needed to write in my diary every day.  I knew I had thoughts which needed to get out of my head and on to a piece of paper.  I had this need which other people didn’t have.  I didn’t know this passion would become a profession.  It took years for my writing seed to germinate and grow.  I suppose the seed was always there inside of me.  I just needed to harness and develop it.

Some people have innate talents which are completely a part of their landscape.  No lessons are required to hone their skills, they just got it!

My sister Janie is a naturally innate designer.  She just knows what the next art and fashion trend will be.  She has always been able to predict this, even years in advance.  I have no clue about this.  I just follow her lead.  Janie was talking about Mixed Media before the word was even developed.  I remember when she told me that she wanted to teach a course in creating Mixed Media.  I said, “What are you talking about?  Mixed what? Media where?”  Two years later, Mixed Media is now a HOT art trend and she is teaching courses in this fabulous developing art form.  Check out her Facebook page Mixed Media MTL and on Instagram @mixedmediamtl.  When it comes to design, art and fashion, she’s just got it!

My friend Jackie is the best natural cook I know.  No lessons are required here.  When she invites me for dinner, I am jumping for joy.  It’s a guaranteed 100% excellent meal.  From start to finish, everything she creates is delicious.  I’ve encouraged her to give cooking courses… to me!!!!  She just knows how to combine ingredients together to create flavours that are amazing.

On occasion, I get the chance to watch her cook.  It’s like watching an artist create a sculpture.  There really isn’t a recipe to follow.  The recipe is in her head and she follows the flavours she wants to obtain. She knows exactly which ingredients to put together in order to create the desired taste. When it comes to cooking, she’s got it bang on!

Birds eye view of a woman gardener weeding an organic vegetable garden with a hand fork.

Some people are naturally born musicians, singers, dancers, athletes, etc.  Without any guidance, some talented people just naturally move in the direction of their talent.  In many cases, they need to exercise their talent or they will not be happy.

Gladys Presley gave her son Elvis a guitar at a very young age.  He was born with music in his blood.  At first, his famous dance moves were not purposely part of his stage act.  The music he was creating made his body move in those very interesting ways.  Actually, he found it hard to control his body when he was performing. The music controlled him.  Without a doubt, he had it!

That was my Elvis moment…  It’s hard to control me too!

I’ve asked many friends what their special talent is. Even though some told me they don’t have a special talent, I don’t believe this.  I believe everyone is talented in some special way.  Perhaps they haven’t tapped into their talent yet?

A special talent seed is always within you.  This is similar to a person who has a green thumb.  Some people tell me that I have a green thumb.  Definition: Green Thumb –  Considerable talent or ability to grow plants, or, a knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy.  I guess you can say this is true about me. I can grow just about any plant and keep it healthy for years.

The truth is the plant will tell you what it needs.  I’m not talking about the tree-hugging hippy culture of talking to your plants and they will talk back to you.  If you really take the time to look at a plant and touch it, it will tell you if it needs sun, water or shade.  The plant’s leaves, weight, and colour will tell you what it needs.  Every plant has different needs.  A person with a green thumb understands the plant’s characteristics and needs.

So having a green thumb is simply having a close understanding of a plant’s needs.  Plants, as people have specific needs.  Both constantly grow and change, adapt to different environments and are not static.

It takes time to really understand the characteristics and needs of a plant.  I can say the same for people too.  To hone the special talent within your self is an exercise in getting to know yourself better.  To closely understand your specific needs and characteristics is part of the germination journey.

If you are good at something and you enjoy doing it often, this might be your special talent.  This internal awareness is similar to the external awareness of a plant’s needs.

The connection to your personal green thumb is the root to your special talent seedling.  Everyone has a green thumb or two!

Plant that seed, grow it and harvest your talent!  It’s definitely within you!


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