Gorilla and Catwifhat Meme Coins Soar as Sealana Raises $4M in Presale Frenzy


The whimsical world of the meme coin market is once again abuzz, as digital currencies like Gorilla, Catwifhat, and Super Trump undergo considerable growth. Buzz is also building for the presale of the provocative Sealana coin, which has already amassed an injection of $4 million as it gears up for its highly anticipated exchange debut.

Meme coins, the rogue players of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, are not awaiting express permission to embark on their next rally. Several of these quirky coins, as eccentric in their branding as they are unpredictable in their performance, are notching up substantial returns today, beating a resolute drum in an otherwise stationary market.

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The title of ‘biggest success’ was claimed by the Gorilla coin that surged by an enviable 28% in just a day. Priced enticingly at $0.004793, Gorilla’s recent leap managed to erase the previous downward momentum that was triggered by an industry-wide sell-off. The silverback of meme coins now stands 1% higher this week and has achieved a striking 32% rise this month. The staggering $4 million market cap and a $3.6 million 24-hour trading volume speaks to Gorilla’s prowess, growing by 473% today.

An avid CoinMarketCap participant, known only as Ollie, has voiced elation over Gorilla’s impressive show, speculating that its price will continue to ascend after retesting the bottom of its trading range.

Catwifhat, or CWIF, is also riding a bullish tide, posting gains of 17% on the day, with a cumulated increase of 45% this month. Mirroring the trajectory of Gorilla, CWIF’s rally today eradicated a significant portion of the declines of this week with the weekly price dipping a mere 12% compared to yesterday. Catwifhat currently stands at $0.000001128 with a robust $39 million market cap. Its 24-hour trading volume couldn’t be ignored either, minting an 84% rise and standing at $8.8 million.

CWIF’s appeal lies within its innovative auto-burn mechanism. Effectively trimming more than half of its supply from circulation, CWIF has emerged as a front-runner in the crowded meme coin race. It has a startling hold over 1.6 million crypto enthusiasts, as per commentator Will, lending strength to its future prospects.

Crowdfunding on the momentum of its peers, Super Trump coin has posted notable gains. Its price registered a 14% uptick today, and a cumulative 370% ascent this month. It has leveraged its consistently strong performance to amass a market cap of $35 million. Despite its 24-hour trading volume declining by 45%, its present value of $0.01959 still piques interest. A commentator named Crypto Rover even anticipates a ten-fold leap from its current price, given Super Trump’s propensity for growth and resilience.

Sealana, the backed newcomer, offers a breath of fresh air as it raises $4 million during presale, with nine days still to go. Deemed the ‘next big meme coin’ by leading industry experts, Sealana is touted to add its own flair into the small-cap meme coin circuit.

Sealana has a twin presence on both Solana and Ethereum blockchain networks, ensconcing itself amidst the high-action on-chain markets. Its mascot, an endearing yet overweight seal, inspired by South Park’s “World of Warcraft guy”, seems to have captured the imagination of investors with his love for junk food, meme coins, and provocative online posts.

Sealana’s unchecked charm and audacious persona seem to have resonated with the Solana network’s ‘Wild West’ spirit, a likely explanation for the success of its presale. CryptoBoy bets on Sealana becoming the successor to Slothana, another Solana-based meme coin that capitalized on its presale by a considerable 5x. Some pundits are even polishing their crystal balls to predict an astronomical surge of up to 100x, adding fuel to the speculative fervor.

However, with less than a fortnight to go until the presale curtain call, time is of the essence for those seeking to secure the current fixed, discounted rate. The ball is now in the investors’ court.