Gordon Bell the can man gets his bike stolen


by Rhonda Massad

On September 9, at approximately 6:30 p.m. Gordon Bell better known as the can man or the recycle man, had his bike stolen outside the Metro Grocery store in Pointe Claire.

“I wasn’t inside the store for very long,” Bell told West Island Blog in an interview. “It is maddening and insulting, the bike was only five days old.”

According to Bell, the thief will have to remove his recycle bags as well as the baskets and the blue bin he has attached to the bike with bungie cords.  There is also a sign that states I am Canadian attached to the side of the bike.

“People know who I am and what I do,” he continued, “I am hoping the person that stole my bike is enjoying himself because Karma will be getting him back soon enough.”

“I make an effort to make an honest living instead of collecting handouts.  I work hard to make my own way.”

Bell is currently driving a bike that has been lent to him while he awaits a possible insurance claim from the credit card he used to pay for the stolen bike.  Bell has ordered a new bike from Paul’s Cycle in Pointe Claire that will be built to Bell’s specifications. 

“I need to get out and find new large recycle bags, a blue box and a bunch of bungie cords,” Bell explained, “I need quite a few bungie cords to tie this business down, I don’t want to lose my stuff as I am going down Beaconsfield Blvd” he said as he laughed.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Pointe Claire resident since 1953, Gordon Bell collects cans and bottles on his bike has brought in a staggering $200,000 over the past 20 years. 

What started out as a lark quickly turned into a part time job for Bell when he realized there was money to be made with plenty of hard work. With the help of a friend he bought a new bike to start out his business. 

West Island Blog is asking anyone who knows Bell to show him this blog post.  He does not have easy access to a computer.


  1. I have some bins I would like to give to him, if he hasn’t gotten new ones yet. Does anyone know how to contact him or how I can give him the recycle bins??
    Dagnabit people are evil. I hope the thief gets caught & punished!! Grr.

  2. The staff at Le Panier in Pointe Claire Village are good friends with Gordie and are helping him with his insurance claim . He was picked up by Peter who works at Le Panier when he called us to say his bike was gone on Wednesday night. The police report has been filled out but the chances of getting his bike back are slim.
    Anyone who would like to contribute to a new bike for Gordie can chip in by leaving a donation at Le Panier, 274 Lakeshore Drive in Pointe Claire Village.

  3. I’ve known Mr. Bell for years. He used to pick up empty bottles from my home on Lakeshore drive every week. My mother always made sure she left our empty bottles out for him. My son who was 4 at the time is now 21 and remembers him riding up on his bike weekly to collect the empty bottles. Mr Bell works hard at what he does and the person who did this will have to deal with with some serious karma.


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