Good Spirit School Division Refutes “Furry” Accusations Amid Social Media Buzz


Debunking accusations regarding a highly unusual dress code trending on social media, Good Spirit School Division in Saskatchewan categorically denied that they are sanctioning their students to identify as “furries,” insiders of a subculture donned in animal character attire. These inaccurate contentions have been circulating, creating misunderstandings about the division’s policies, as remarked in a detailed information sheet divulged by the division on Facebook.

Further elaborating, the division’s regulations and dress codes do not accommodate any form of furry-role dressing. This clarification comes closely after the Saskatchewan government’s bill which mandates guardian consent for any student preference in terms of alternate names or pronouns, commonly viewed as a directive aimed at transgender and non-binary youngsters.

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The division also highlighted that the unfounded allegations of students adopting a furry persona have been mirroring different hoaxes that had been surfacing in different areas, especially in contexts of gender pronoun debates. Claims of these derivative “furry” students being privileged to utilize litter boxes – another familiar falsehood associated with the furry hoax – have been strongly refuted by the division.

Counteracting further misinformation, the division emphasized that incorporating gender-neutral washrooms in their schools is not aligned with the propagation of any particular ideology. Their rationale being an attempt to foster a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable environment. In explanation, they highlighted that these gender-neutral bathrooms are structured into single-stall facilities, facilitating usage by one person at a time, mirroring a home bathroom setup.

Scrutinizing another conjecture making rounds, the division emphasizes that fostering an inclusive environment and religiously promoting a specific sexual orientation are distinct matters. The incorporation of different sexual orientations in educational content aims to eradicate biases, and encourage empathy and comprehension amongst families, students and staffers.

Lastly, concerns raised about explicit materials being circulated in classrooms and libraries were addressed by the division. They ensure adherence to the Ministry of Education’s stringent guidelines pertaining to the allocation and advertisement of curriculum content and study materials.

Administratively based in Yorkton, Good Spirit owns and manages 28 schools in the east-central region of Saskatchewan.