Golden Mushroom Brand Enoki Recall Over Listeria Concerns in Ontario


There has been a recall issued concerning the popular Golden Mushroom brand Enoki Mushrooms by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The recall arises from concerns of a potential listeria contamination. These specific products, known for their taste and numerous health benefits, are packaged in 200g units and have been sold predominantly in Ontario, with a possible further national distribution.

Consumers who have purchased the Enoki mushrooms are instructed to either discard the product or return it to the point of purchase. Thus far, there have been no reported illnesses associated with consumption of the potentially contaminated product.

Food infected with Listeria may not exhibit any noticeable changes- no physical deformities, different smells, or tastes, but it can have serious health repercussions. The symptoms include but aren’t limited to severe headache, neck stiffness, muscle aches, persistent fever, nausea, and vomiting. Despite the lack of any reported illnesses, caution is highly recommended. Conclusive investigations into the full extent of the listeria contamination are ongoing.


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