Golden Entertainment Initiates First Dividend, Boosts Shareholder Value


Las Vegas-based Golden Entertainment, a prominent casino operator listed on NASDAQ under the symbol GDEN, has taken a leap towards bolstering shareholder value with the initiation of its inaugural quarterly dividend. In a display of confidence coinciding with its fourth-quarter financial report, Golden Entertainment has declared a 25-cent per share dividend. Set for disbursement on April 4 to those holding shares on the record date of March 18, this venture marks an auspicious milestone for the company.

Applying a broader lens to Golden Entertainment’s stock value, the market observed its closing price at $34.26, which frames the dividend yield at an attractive 2.9% as of the beginning of March. This figure notably surpasses that of the Russell 2000 Index, a key indicator of small-cap stocks, making it an enticing prospect for investors given Golden’s $982.23 million market capitalization.

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Golden’s financial stability going into this new phase is reassuring, with cash and cash equivalents listed at $197.6 million at year’s end. This sum is bolstered by the successful sale of its Nevada distributed gaming operations completed on January 10, yet the exact proceeds from this transaction remain undisclosed.

Historically, Golden has demonstrated a generous approach to enhancing shareholder returns. The casino operator garnished attention in the previous year with an exceptional $2 per share dividend and augmented its share buyback program by an additional $100 million. Analysts view these decisions as testament to the strength of Golden’s fiscal health.

The operator’s balance sheet stands as one of the most formidable within the gaming sector. After fully acquiring its property holdings, Golden Entertainment is commended by industry analysts for its potential as a cost-effective investment in the burgeoning Southern Nevada Gaming region. Endorsements such as these include Macquarie analyst Chad Beynon’s “outperform” rating and a reassuring $47 price target, pointing to a significant possible increase from the early March valuation.

Golden’s fiscal prudence extends to its debt management, illustrated by the repurchase of $59 million worth of its own debt during the last quarter, summing up 2023’s debt reduction at $239 million. With no debts drawn from its considerable $240 million revolving credit facility, the company reported $677.7 million in total liabilities by year’s end.

Despite a relative dip in EBITDA, Golden’s Laughlin, Nevada properties, have shown resiliency with revenue increases and signs of margin stabilization as the new year unfolds. Notably, Golden’s commitment to augmenting the appeal of its Laughlin resorts through entertainment offerings is ongoing, with efforts being geared towards enhancing traffic to these destinations in a cost-effective manner.

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