Going on an Adventure Trip? Don’t Forget to Pack These Essentials


by Samar Sood

Adventure trips are all about unexpected experiences. You never know what you will come across. One gets to experience life in its rawest form. From motorcycle rides on the scary hill roads to climbing the mountains so high, adventure trips are always the most memorable ones. There’s so much to enjoy. But before heading to a fun trip, one has to take up the daunting task of packing the trip essentials.

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Let’s not compromise on the thrill by forgetting some of these must-haves. Here’s a round-up to help you out.

  1. The basic hygiene essentials

These are the indispensable bunch of items that you must carry along. You just cannot do without hygiene essentials. Carry enough fresh and unused undergarments and towels.

Also, if you love to swim and want to feel lost in deep waters, do not forget your swim trunks.

Travel wallets are another essentials that everyone must carry. Using these, you can keep all your cards, passports, and similar documents at one place. You don’t have to carry a gigantic bag or wallet to keep these necessities.

  1. Adventure Essentials

If you are up for an adventure trip and want to settle on some crazy, scary, yet worth giving a shot moments, then packing some adventure essentials is a must.

Things like headlamps, bungee cords, hiking shoes, ropes, power bank, camera, etc. are crucial for every adventure trip.

Headlamps can help you see all the things in the dark without the hassle of holding a lighter or torch in hand. There might be instances when you want to use hands to tie a knot on the rope or prepare a fire in the dark. Headlamps can help you get through all such hassles.

Being on an adventure trip, you may face different kinds of situations. You’ll sometimes climb a straight mountain & reach the top of the cliff. Thus, staying prepared for the same with the help of a bungee cord makes sense. It acts as emergency suspender and helps climb to the top. You just need to ensure that you are good with your techniques to avoid fatal accidents.

In the same way, to capture all the beautiful and unusual things happening around, you definitely need a good camera. To ensure that your phone keeps working 24*7, you must carry a power bank since you’ll barely get any time to charge.

  1. Different bag types as per the need

Packing all the essentials is important. However, packing the essentials in the right kind of bags makes sense. You must pack things correctly. Different types of bags that come in handy are duffle bags, suitcases, and backpacks.

If you want to keep some of your luggage handy, you must carry a duffle bag which is easy to pick all the time. Pick the duffle bag on your shoulders and ensure you pack it light.

Suitcases are for luggage that is supposed to stay at base camp. You can pack things like, clothes not to be worn on an immediate basis, shoes kept for your way back home, etc.

Backpacks are the ones that every hiker or travel freak loves. You can keep all the essentials on your shoulders without causing one hand or shoulder to take away all the load. You can keep the adventure essentials like say the power bank, water bottle, and knives, etc. in this type of bag.

  1. Food Essentials

When you are out on an adventure trip, you must not expect the food to inevitably reach your table. You’ll have to go out and cook. Cooking isn’t a cakewalk either.

You’ll go out, hunt, and then cook. For that, you need things like silicon bottles, disposable utensils, and some snacks to munch on to get instant energy.

P.S. Cooking can be really fun when you are out under an open sky.

  1. Safety Essentials

Anything can happen! Yes! ANYTHING! You may encounter a stinky skunk or a scary bear, and you must be prepared for all the things that can save you from the worst. From keeping different knives to staying ready with the first-aid kit, you’ll need to stay extra agile and prepared.

  1. Stay/Sleep Essentials

You definitely don’t want to die in the cold or get bitten by mosquitoes. Also, you cannot cut short or compromise with sleep. Thus, preparing for the same should be on your mind.

Invest in quality sleeping bags to ensure good sleep. Also, opt for the windproof and waterproof drawstring bags and blankets to avoid getting sick on the trip.

Ready to Pack?

So all these were the travel essentials you just cannot do without. Stay prepared for the unexpected. Be it a night out far in the jungle or climbing the slippery mountain rocks, you must be up for all without a hiccup. Do it the right way and hey, don’t forget to bring souvenirs.

Samar Sood is a full-time content writer for 9ightout! He loves to write about travel. In his free time, he loves to read and shake a leg on party songs!