Go Go Gluten brings possibilities to those living with celiacs or gluten intolerance on the West Island


by Rhonda Massad

The owners of Kitchen 73 saw a gluten free need on the West Island and filled it by opening a bakery next to their successful restaurant Kitchen 73 on Sources. 

Gluten intolerance and celiacs, once difficult to diagnose, have become common for many people today.  Go Go Gluten bakery opened it’s doors only a month ago and has already won the hearts of those suffering from an inability to eat gluten.

According to one of three owners, Carmen Anoia, this establishment is certified gluten free. Take a look at the delicious goodies in the photo slider above. 

Kitchen 73 offers a wide range of gluten free selections on their breakfast style menu.  Some of these same products are now available to take home.  Waffles, a variety of breads, buns, pancake mixes and pizza doe.

I was particularly impressed by the frozen meals at a reasonable price, those of us that eat gluten free know the price tags are usually high and often not so tasty.  Individually packed shepherds pie and chicken dishes were priced starting at $6.00.

Located a few doors from Kitchen 73 this little bakery has daily sweets and a nice selection of gluten free items. Check out the delicious cake I am holding in the pictures!! They also take orders for special occasions. 

The website will have the full menu up shortly, www.gogogluten.com .

Location: 47 Brunswick Blvd

                DDO, H9B 1P7


Thanks for the visit Carmen!!! That pecan tart was to die for!!!


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