Global Health Community Mourns Sudden Loss of Renowned New Zealand Doctor Tom Mulholland


A sudden wave of sorrow has enveloped the global health community, as Dr Tom Mulholland, a prominent figure in the field of physical and mental health and a beloved New Zealander, passed away unexpectedly last weekend. Fondly regarded as Dr Tom, his medical expertise and compassionate advocacy have positively transformed the lives of countless individuals worldwide for over thirty years.

At present, his sudden death has been deferred to the coroner and is being looked into as a potential case of suicide. Dr Tom, over his remarkable career span, was renowned as a host of several television and radio shows, author of two bestselling books and a sought-after speaker at esteemed conglomerates like Google, Microsoft, and Hilton. He also had an illustrious tenure of 25 years as an emergency doctor and served as an honorary lecturer in psychological medicine at the University of Auckland.

Upon receiving the news of his sudden passing on Sunday, dear family, friends, and colleagues are rallying for strength and support while funeral arrangements proceed. The suddenness of the event has left the community in a state of profound shock and raw grief – a feeling echoed by a source close to the situation.

Several members of the community have paid heartfelt tributes to Dr Tom. Amongst them is Broadcaster Brook Howard-Smith, who took to Facebook to voice his inner turmoil, dubbing the late physician as a “hero”. He lamented the loss of a bright star and underscored the need for frank conversations about mental health and wellbeing, urging everyone to reach out if they were feeling alone or distressed.

Similar sentiments of loss and confusion were expressed by Dr Sam Hazledine, another close friend and colleague of Dr Tom. He remembered Tom as a larger-than-life figure, one who had a lasting positive impact on anyone he met and called for honest communication about individual wellbeing.

The University of Auckland Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine Robert Kydd recalled his friend as a man full of energy and drive, always a passionate worker for mental health. Kiwi group director of operations Dr Mike Shepherd expressed his sadness at the news and expressed his heartfelt condolences to Dr Mulholland’s family.

According to Dr Mulholland’s website, the seed of his successful career was cemented during his time in emergency departments. He found a passion to help people and realised most damage dealt to patients was preventable. He then transformed himself into a proactive health advocate who aimed to prevent illnesses before they reached critical stages.

Their narrative mentions numerous achievements from then to now, such as online consultations via Doctor Global, innovatively bringing healthcare into the digital realm, founding White Cross, Taranaki’s first accident and medical clinic, and even a stint on 60 Minutes twice.

Dr Tom Mulholland’s unexpected passing has indeed created a profound void in the global medical fraternity. His tireless work, humanitarian efforts, and radical innovation echo loudly in his absence. As we remember Dr Tom, let’s pledge to continue his vision for preventable health – honouring the amazing life he led and the profound legacy he leaves behind.


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