Global Covid Apathy Soars as Biden’s Support Wanes and G20 Summit Begins


In light of the relentless global surge of Covid-19 cases, the populace grapples with an overwhelming sense of apathy, born from intense physical and emotional exhaustion caused by the pandemic. In this context, experts offer guidance to those who are overwhelmed or untouched by the crisis as they navigate their Covid-induced apathy.

The political sphere is also witnessing its share of instability. A recent CNN poll indicates a decline in support for President Joe Biden among Democrat-oriented voters looking ahead at the 2024 election. Amid concerns about Biden’s age-related physical and mental competency, complemented by negative ratings on his performance, 67% of such voters expressed a longing for an alternate Democrat candidate. Keeping the 2024 election in mind, despite the skepticism, Biden could still emerge as the nominee if no other Democrats rise to the challenge.

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In meteorological updates, Hurricane Lee has escalated into a grim Category 5 storm with wind speeds reaching up to 160 mph. Although its current location is on the eastern side of the Caribbean, predictions by the National Hurricane Centre suggest that it could still pose a significant threat over the southwestern Atlantic in the ensuing week. Current tracking models indicate a northward turn in the early days of next week. However, any potential consequences on the East Coast will only be clarified as Hurricane Lee trudges westward.

On the international front, world leaders are assembling in India for the annual G20 summit. This assembly aims to address numerous urgent global crises. While President Joe Biden and multiple US allies have confirmed their presence, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping have abstained from attending this grand summit. This marks a notable shift in China’s viewpoint towards the G20 which engulfs 80% of the global GDP.

In matters related to the American Judiciary, Justice Brett Kavanaugh expressed that the Supreme Court is taking ‘concrete steps’ to tackle ethical issues staining the character of the country’s highest court. These steps come in response to several explosive news reports exposing undisclosed luxury travels and relationships with political benefactors among the justices of the Supreme Court.

In the realm of environmental science, a recent analysis by the research group Climate Central reveals that the heat of this summer was bolstered twice over by pollution-induced climate change for a staggering 98% of the global population. Moreover, nearly half of the world’s population experienced 30 days or more of heat made at least three times more likely by pollution-driven global warming.

In the panorama of sports, twenty-year-old American Ben Shelton aspires to outplay World No. 2 Novak Djokovic in a much-anticipated semifinal match in the US Open. Concurrently, the Detroit Lions overshadowed reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in the 2023 NFL season kickoff, creating a seismic shift in the football world.

On a more leisurely note, the audacious ‘One Chip Challenge’, issued by the tortilla chip brand Paqui, had to be pulled from store shelves as it is alleged to have caused the death of a teenager in Massachusetts.

In entertainment news, actor Danny Masterson, popularly recognized for his leading role in “That ’70s Show,” was handed down a 30-year prison sentence following his conviction on charges of rape.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong grappled with acute weather disturbance as it received a record-breaking six inches of rain within an hour, leading to flash flooding and widespread chaos.

Finally, geopolitically, the EU Council President Charles Michel has drawn attention to the critical food insecurity faced by over 250 million people worldwide. He accused Russia of “weaponizing food” by disrupting Ukraine’s port functionality, thereby undermining global food distribution efforts. As Ukrainian forces continue to engage in conflict, the nation proposed an alternative ‘grain corridor’ in the Black Sea, bypassing Russia’s participation.