Giants’ Coniglio Fit To Battle Port Adelaide Post Eye-Injury Recovery


Giants’ figurehead Josh Kelly assured fans that Stephen Coniglio, fellow vice-captain of the Greater Western Sydney team, is in good shape to take on Port Adelaide on Saturday. Coniglio had to sit out during the victorious elimination final owing to an eye-related injury.

Coniglio unexpectedly pulled out from a game against the Saints after suffering blurred vision. The problem arose when a football struck him in the eye during a training session the previous week. Despite this unfortunate incident, Coniglio returned to full training on Tuesday. This will present coach Adam Kingsley with a difficult decision as to the best team selection.

It is speculated that Xavier O’Halloran may have to step aside for the prodigious midfielder Coniglio, in spite of O’Halloran’s considerable contribution to the team’s dazzling performance in the second half of the season. Considering the possibility of reducing his role to a substitute in favor of the seasoned player Nick Haynes, Kelly recognizes the difficult choice facing those selected to play at Adelaide Oval, especially after their commanding win.

Regarding this, Kelly said, “We haven’t really broached the subject… On the weekend, everyone executed their roles exceptionally well…The fact that there’s an intense competition for selection speaks volumes about the quality of the teams, fortunately, we’re currently in such a favourable spot. No doubt, whoever is left out will be disappointed, but the understanding is clear – that is the path to success.”

Kelly himself, who was seen on the periphery at Tuesday’s training, ensures he is well despite a minor strain from the Saints game. A handful of other members are also on the mend from minor injuries, but Kelly assures there is no cause for alarm ahead of Saturday’s clash. After a short period of rest and recovery, he is all set to return to training in a couple of days.

He proclaimed his fellow vice-captain, Coniglio, ready to face the Power after stating Coniglio was in no condition to play on the morning of the Saints game. Kelly revealed, “It was unfortunate for him to miss out over the weekend, but at the moment he is feeling much better and has been seen training today. He’s good to go now.”

Coniglio’s inability to play resulted in an increase in centre bounces for Kelly, who managed 30 disposals with a 77% efficiency, as well as netting two goals.

Speaking about the welcome challenge, Kelly commented, “I was required to step up in the final due to Cogs’ absence, which is a role every player should be willing to take on if needed. Thus, contributing my bit wasn’t about standing out or anything of the sort – I simply did what was required of me.”

With their Melbourne Cricket Ground win marking an unprecedented number of victories at different venues within a single season (11), Kelly disclosed the Giants are ready to face off an extremely partisan crowd during the semi-finals.

Kelly wrapped up by emphasizing the importance of the Giants’ ability to adapt to any ground they play on, given their considerable travelling schedule. Taking a lighthearted approach to hostile encounters, Kelly shrugs it off as “a bit of fun” for the Giants. He concluded, “We need to have the ability to play our game style at any ground across the competition. Even if the ‘G gets a bit rowdy, we’ll keep conducting our business as usual.”


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