Giant Sinkhole Disrupts Trans-Canada Highway Traffic, Detours Worsen Banff Congestion


A sizable sinkhole has triggered a significant upheaval in the usual traffic patterns along the Trans-Canada Highway on Thursday evening. The disruption has compelled drivers to detour via the town of Banff, exacerbating the already notorious congestion in the area.

The cavity, impressively sizing up to seven metres in length and two metres wide, has created a significant void along the highway. As a safety precaution, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have cordoned off the eastbound lanes of Highway 1 between the Norquay and Compound Road exits, with all traffic being redirected into the town.

The serpentine stream of vehicles is extensive as drivers find themselves caught in an unexpected labyrinth within the town. Amplifying the inconvenience, the newly imposed route requires vehicles to navigate across a railway crossing, adding a further layer of complexity and potential delays.

As the sun sets on Thursday, authorities have arranged for two-way traffic to share the westbound lanes popularly known as the Trans-Canada Highway. The timeline for when drivers can expect the road repairs to be completed remains unclear, leaving commuters and locals to grapple with the uncertainty of the situation.


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