Get a professional photo for $20 at Une Pose Pour le Rose


By Catherine Ledoux

What is Une pose pour le rose?

Between April 6th and April 14th, women aged 18 and over from all walks of life are invited to be photographed at a single price of $ 20 per photo. Photo sessions can be enhanced, at the photographer’s choice, by the presence of makeup artists, hairdressers or other professionals whose profits will also be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. As a sign of support for the cause, women with cancer or recovering will be on the “pink list”, and their portrait will be immortalized free of charge.

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My session will be held on Sunday April 14th at the Multisport Center in Vaudreuil-Dorion. I will be photographing over 50 women and have a team of 16 volunteers with me (Makeup-artists, stylists, and logistics). I have over 25 sponsors who have contributed to the organization of the day or donated prizes for the draws we will be holding. I also currently have an online auction for 2 pairs of box seat tickets to Pink. All proceeds from the portraits, draws and auction will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Why Une pose pour le rose?

This cause is very close to my heart having women around me with breast cancer. In addition to being able to offer women battling cancer or cancer survivors this special moment, this event also allows other women to have access to a well-deserved portrait and pampering session. It is a real pleasure for me to have the honor of capturing meeting these women all while giving back to this important cause.

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Initially aiming at the $ 3,000 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society for the cause of breast cancer, Marilyn Bouchard, founder and photographer of Pigment b, challenged herself on April 9, 2017, to photograph 100 women in only one day. Thus was born A POSE FOR THE ROSE.

Following the enthusiasm of the public and the media, Marilyn Bouchard shared the project to her fellow photographers to meet the demand that literally exploded in the first 72 hours after the launch. In the end, more than 80 photographers from all over Quebec decided to join the noble cause and photograph respectively 10 to 70 women, for a total of 2000 photographed women. The studio of Pigment b has immortalized the portrait of 153 radiant participants. With the help of 23 volunteers, the photographer and promoter of the Marilyn Bouchard project raised $ 10,000. At the end of the first edition in 2017, the young entrepreneur and philanthropist donated $ 70,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Year 2 brought together 190 photographers who raised $ 257,000, one portrait at a time! This year’s objective is to have 250 photographers participate and to raise 325 000$.

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