German Nationals Arrested for Illegal Tribute at Hitler’s Birthplace


In a quiet corner of western Austria, four German nationals were apprehended mid-solemn tribute at the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, the infamous dictator. There they stood, against the backdrop of a centuries-old building in Braunau am Inn, orchestrating a tactile memorial with white roses to observe the troubling anniversary of Hitler’s birth on April 20, 1889. The most shocking part of their illicit commemoration was when one of the women, her arm rigid and outstretched, permeated the air with the dreadfully familiar, stiff-armed Hitler salute.

Their actions, observed and documented by patrolling law enforcement, were a disconcerting reminder of the individuals who still unabashedly glorify Hitler. The birthplace of Hitler, subjected to numerous arguments on how to proceed with its historical and potentially contentious future, has currently been on the path of transformation. Taking shape under the purview of skilled laborers since last year, the house is metamorphosing into a police station; an attempt to detract any potential pilgrims who revere the man who once resided within its walls.

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The quartet of Germans, two sisters and their respective partners, all in the spectrum of their 20s to early 30s, chose this site for their clandestine tribute. Their intent was to lay white roses in the building’s window recesses, each bloom a testament to their disturbing adoration. Not stopping at the floral tribute alone, they posed for photos against the house’s silhouette, the salute – a chilling encore.

When officers on routine patrol spotted the group, they promptly escorted them to a local police station for further questioning. In her defense, the woman associated with the notorious salute claimed lightheartedness, denying any intended reverence. However, her phone told a different tale. It housed a conversation thread with her companions, littered with messages and images propagating the Nazi ideology.

The incident concluded with Austrian police filing reports on the group, implicating them in suspicion of transgressing an austere Austrian law; a law meticulously framed to prohibit the propaganda, symbolism, and any glorifying remnants associated with the era of Nazism. Such a recent event pointedly reminds us of the dark remnants of history that cast long shadows on our present day possibly urging us to deal with them appropriately.