German Government Sheds $67M in Bitcoin in Latest Transaction Spree


In a move displaying its continuing strategy to shed its extensive Bitcoin holdings, the German government has once again immersed itself in significant transactions involving Bitcoin, as identified by blockchain analytics platform Arkham Intel. Earlier this morning, nine transactions totalling approximately 2,786 Bitcoin were orchestrated by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

According to data presented by Arkham Intel, out of the nine transactions, four were internal transfers, while the remaining five were driven straight into cryptocurrency exchanges and market makers. This implicates a definitive intention to sell. These five probable sales total 1,095.339 Bitcoin, soaring around $67 million in value. Notably, BKA carried out two transfers of 125 Bitcoin each, the valuation equivalent to roughly $7.7 million apiece, these transactions were transferred onto widely recognized crypto exchanges: Bitstamp and Kraken.

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Additionally, a small test transaction involving 0.001 Bitcoin transpired with Flow Traders, a leading market maker in the arena. Following this minute transaction, a considerably larger transfer of 345.338 Bitcoin materialized, directed notoriously to the same market entity. This inevitably insinuates the preparation for a significant sales order placed in motion.

A mysterious transfer to an ambiguous address labeled as “139Po” involving 500 Bitcoin is also worthy of note. This address has led to speculative intrigue as it has experienced previous activity linked to the German government, but remains enrobed in uncertainty, allegedly destined to another sales endpoint.

This sequence of transactions is an installment of an expansive trend observed traversing since the previous week. The day before, on June 25, 400 Bitcoin valued at $ 24 million were sold onto Kraken and Coinbase, including an additional 500 Bitcoin transaction with the elusive “139Po”.

This is in harmony with the substantial movements witnessed last week, with $130 million worth of Bitcoin transferred to exchanges on June 19 and $65 million on June 20. Countering these outflows, the government reclaimed $20.1 million from Kraken and $5.5 million from Wallets linked to Robinhood, Bitstamp, and Coinbase.

At present, the German government’s Bitcoin holdings amount to 45,264 Bitcoin, estimated at roughly $2.8 billion. This establishes Germany as one of the outstanding nation-state holders of Bitcoin. The position falls just behind the United States, China, and the United Kingdom, which possess 213,246 Bitcoin, 190,000 Bitcoin, and 61,000 Bitcoin respectively, based on data from Bitcoin Treasuries.

The pattern of substantial disposals by the German Government has edged contributions towards fluctuations in Bitcoin’s current market price. Consequently, Bitcoin’s value has dipped by approximately 6% since the occurrence of these transactions. The value briefly plunged below the $60,000 benchmark after the announcement from Mt. Gox regarding the distribution of an estimated $9 billion worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, scheduled to begin in July.

As this slow-paced government sell-off continues, market analysts and investors are observing with rapt attention. The value of Bitcoin is delicately perched just above critical support levels, leading to an increased anticipation in the market. Should the daily trading price drop below the $60,000 marker, it could trigger a more pronounced downturn in Bitcoin’s price, potentially exacerbating market volatility and triggering rampant uncertainty. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $61,451.