Georgia Teen Fatally Shot by Police After Killing K-9 Unit


Tragedy unfolded in the early hours of Saturday morning as a 17-year-old boy, identified as Stephon Ford, was fatally shot by police in Georgia. The fatal shooting took place after Ford allegedly killed a police dog and menacingly pointed his firearm at officers.

The incident transpired in Jonesboro, Georgia, situated around 17 miles south of Atlanta. Assistant Chief Bruce Parks of the Clayton County Police Department detailed the situation during a press conference.

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Jonesboro police reportedly responded to a suspicious activity call involving three males at a local hotel. Upon police interaction, all three individuals fled the scene. Two of the suspects were swiftly apprehended and secured in custody by the Jonesboro police.

To assist in locating the elusive third suspect, the Jonesboro police sought the assistance of the Clayton County Police Department (CCPD). Subsequently, a CCPD K-9 unit was dispatched and successfully located the suspect, Ford, sequestered in a nearby woodland.

Upon being discovered, Ford was instructed through verbal commands to step out of his hiding place, according to Clayton County police Captain John Ivey. Instead, the teenager allegedly drew a handgun and opened fire, critically wounding the police dog.

The immediate area was secured to limit the suspect’s movement as injured K-9 was swiftly taken to an animal hospital. However, despite the best efforts, the dog later succumbed to its injuries.

Officers sought out Ford once more within the established perimeter a few hours later. Upon locating him, officers again commanded him to drop his weapon. However, Ford allegedly responded by directing his firearm towards the officers.

Reacting to the imminent threat, the officers proceeded to open fire resulting in the fatal wounding of the suspect, Ford. Conveniently, no officers or civilians were harmed during the unsettling encounter.

The incident’s investigation is expected to be conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation henceforth.