Georgia Senate Advances Sports Betting Bill


Entering the second day of its 2024 legislative session, the General Assembly of Georgia revisited the highly contested topic of sports betting legalization. After failing to garner the necessary support last year, state senators have resurrected the initiative with renewed vigor.

The day witnessed progress as the Senate Regulated Industries Committee cast their votes—8 in favor, 4 against—sending Senate Bill 172 (SB 172) to the Senate’s main floor for a broader debate. Championing the bill, Senator Bill Cowsert of Athens voiced the sentiment of constituents eager to push the envelope on this issue. His goal: to address and resolve the debate promptly and make headway on a topic that has seen numerous legislative reruns.

This proposed legislation seeks to pivot Georgia towards a new era, where sports betting is embraced as a regulated activity. To forge this path, SB 172 outlines the need for a constitutional amendment. This significant legal shift aims to establish a Gaming Commission responsible for regulating the nascent industry within the Peach State.

However, SB 172 is not the final word; it is merely the beginning. An ensuing constitutional amendment must be meticulously drafted. It demands the support of two-thirds of both legislative chambers and, crucially, the endorsement of Georgia’s electorate.

Senator Cowsert rationalizes this approach by referencing the historical context. The lottery sanctioning Georgia voters granted in 1992 could not have anticipated today’s sports betting landscape—once an activity confined to Nevada casinos.

Georgia’s constitutional stipulations stand firmly against gambling, a provision Cowsert affirms could be navigated cleanly with a constitutional revision, potentially side-stepping legal quandaries should sports betting become lawful.

Despite a precedent-setting opinion from former Chief Justice Harold Melton, indicating sports betting may not necessitate such amendment, the quest for alternates to legalize the practice persists.

One such notion—simply regarding sports gambling as a lottery—could streamline the process, requiring mere majority approval in both legislative houses. This interpretation would permit the Georgia Lottery to oversee online sportsbooks.

In parallel, Senator Brandon Beach of Alpharetta has signaled intentions to lay down legislation that would see a grander vision of gambling unfold in Georgia, involving casino resorts and a race track, alongside mobile sportsbook propositions.

The allocation of gambling yields sparks divergent party perspectives, with some Democrats angling for these funds to bolster scholarships based on financial need, while Republicans predominantly resist sports betting on moral principles.

In the broader landscape, with 38 states and the District of Columbia allowing sports betting in various forms, Georgia’s legislators find themselves at a crossroads, tasked with the decision of joining the majority or maintaining their unique stance against the tide of sports betting legalization.


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